Friday, July 24, 2009

Sort of plugged in...

We don't get internet access until tomorrow, but I found an unsecured network so I can do a few things.

We are moved in, and nowhere close to being unpacked. Thankfully we have a HUGE basement so it looks better upstairs than it could.

Part of our schrank got broken, a german cabinet, Em's brand new furniture got damaged in the move and parts of it broken. We also had some holes, a missing vacuum, and parts of a quilt rack missing too. That's just the beginning of it, I'm afraid of what we are going to discover in the next few days. Oh, and they lost all the parts to Ab's bunkbeds! I was starting to get kind of grumpy till my friend was telling me on facebook how her stuff was coming by train after they moved back to the States from Germany, way back when. The train derailed and they lost it all. Kind of puts things in perspective.

The one thing that we have noticed here on base is that the people are so nice! Even Em says it about everyone we have met or interacted with.

We scored at the BX this morning on patio furniture--a table and 6 chairs for less than $100. It was 40% off and who can't use a good sale like that? I did have problems getting it in the car till a retired couple that watched me chase after Junior Houdini when he got out of the child seat in the cart, the man helped me load and unload my car until he could get it all in there and strapped to the top.

Gunner has a 4 day weekend and my friend Dave is coming in tomorrow to spend the weekend with us. I'm putting him to work.

Triathlon training starts again on Monday and as soon as I am back up to speed, I am hoping to get a few more tris (or one) in before the end of the season. We also have to get school clothes, school supplies, finish unpacking, and all that good stuff. We did get Junior to the doctor and all of his medical forms filled out and they gave us an epi pen to give to the daycare people. Let's hope they never have to use it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A day out

I had to get out of the house today.

We hit a few thrift stores and scored some good deals. Junior now has 20 batman action figures to play with. He has a large one that my brother and SIL gave him, which he has made the daddy Batman and all the rest are the kids. It's already provided plenty of entertainment and this is before Gunner gets home and plays with it.

I found a vintage Pizza Inn glass. My family used to visit Pizza Inn and get the paper thin crust each time. Good memories!

Two Apollo 13 glasses that I love!

A dinosaur glass to add to Ab's collection of the Welch's jelly jars with a different dinosaur on each one.

Two wooden puzzles. Junior and Abs are obsessed with the States. Junior can already rattle off a list of them.

And two chicken soup bowls for my mom.

Gunner has a 4 day weekend to receive HHG and unpack. Whew.

One of my best friends is coming to spend the weekend with us and help us unpack. Can't wait to see him!

We are about to hit the pool for the last time during this hotel stay.

I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night. Now I just need to find the perfect job!

Mental note for my next PCS--Spring for the Residence Inn Marriott. It will be worth the difference to have a bed bigger than a double and a kitchen.