Friday, April 20, 2007


I got the xray done on my knees today, so hopefully sometime next week we will know what the next step is. My MIL came over and kept Junior for the two hours I was gone and he did great. She would definitely watch him more, but I am content with just taking him everywhere with me. I like the company and he is a pretty easy baby while we are out and about.

I went to the mall tonight with all three kiddos since DQ needed some clothes for school. I ended up running into a parent from DQ's old school (I pulled her out at the end of the year in December for so many reasons and moved her to public school) Well I guess DQ and her friend leaving set off a chain reaction and 5 more people left after us. You would think that they would get the picture that there are several problems that need to be addressed, but of course they just can't seem to catch on. Oh well, it is not my problem anymore, and to get started on all the problems is about three entries saved under drafts and too long and boring for anyone to read through. DQ did just move to a new classroom in public school and I am extremely happy with her teacher. I just think that parents need to be more proactive in their children's education in addition to enriching what they learn at school with things at home. It doesn't mean you need to sit down with a workbook and harp on them to figure things out, but there are so many other ways to help them--cooking, sewing, gardening, the list is endless. More parents need to get involved with their children and then maybe we would have some of the problems that we do today.

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