Thursday, May 3, 2007


Since DH and I are done having children, I decided to give all the baby stuff to a friend that is due in August. In return she wanted to come over and play with Junior while I went and spent the day doing something for myself. Something for myself???? Of course I jumped at the chance since Junior is 10 months old now, will take a bottle and I have a milk stash in the freezer. I went and got my haircut today by the most wonderful lady--one of the few people that always makes my super curly hair look great. (Probably because she has curly hair too, although not nearly as curly as my fro!) She straightened my hair, which I always like to have done there. My hair is so thick that I have a hard time doing it myself and I love the way it feels. I don't think I could do it permanently, but for a few days I enjoy the change.

After I got my haircut, I met my husband for lunch at Olive Garden. Not exactly on the WW plan, but figured I could splurge a little. To have a meal with no interruptions is unheard. We still ate entirely too habit that is hard to break.

DQ had a Cinco de Maya celebration at school so I went there and volunteered for a little while. We did mexican dances (DQ claims I can't dance) and helped serve up some mexican dishes. I absolutely love DQ's teacher and she's in a class with some really neat kids. (The whole movement to public school was such a hard decision, but now I am wondering why I wasted so much money at that other school!)

I went and got Junior and found that my friend and her two children organized Junior's room, my pantry, and a set of cabinets that I just kept piling stuff in--yes I knew she was going to do this. She is an organizational expert, and I wish I could just let her have free reign of my house! Andrew had a blast and we headed off to get Abs from school.

Last deployment I did nothing for myself because I was too busy sleeping, cleaning or taking care of children. This deployment I promise myself to do more things just for me. Who am I kidding, I am scheduling a massage and facial before DH leaves!

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