Tuesday, December 18, 2007

13 Years

My internet wasn't working, so this was for yesterday.

Today, Gunner and I have been married for 13 years. We were married about 7 months after I graduated from college and he had received orders for Germany. During those 13 years we have lived in 7 houses, three different duty stations (Hood twice, Germany and Lewis), had three children in three different locations (one at each duty station....hmmmm.....maybe that is why the Army isn't moving us anymore?) and suffered through three year long deployments with a 4th one on the way. My husband's hair has started to gray...a lot (mine too--not good!). We've gained a few pounds. We've lost three grandparents, my dad and muddled through life together although we are almost always apart. Even though his dirty socks can never find the hamper, his shoes are scattered around the house and his army gear breeds in the closets overnight—I wouldn’t trade a thing (ummmm....but if someone reading this can help us out, I would like to move again!). Thanks Gunner for the last 13 years and many more to come.


Gypsy at heart said...

We asked him several times before the wedding, if he was sure he knew what he was getting into. He assured us he was.
"Really sure?"
"Yes ma'am!"
I think life has changed for him dramatically, but he is a keeper!

dutchgirl said...

Awww! Congratulations, 13 years of the military life is an achievement to be proud of! I hope you celebrated!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary yesterday!!