Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daily Life

We are over two weeks into this deployment and my donut of misery is still stuck on "a long, long time to go...". LOL Slowly but surely we will make it though.

Gunner moved into a new company not too long ago and last night I went to my first FRG meeting. The Rear D Commander started off the meeting by telling us "I know that there is a difference in the way officers and enlisted are treated. I know that there is a difference between the way that officer and enlisted wives are treated. That's just the way it is." He then went on to say that he has been approached by several enlisted wives wanting their husbands to come home because of certain situations and it just wasn't going to happen and it wasn't up to him. Whatever, don't lump us all together. Just the way he said it and acted, I was not impressed. He does have an extremely hard job and he said his phone is ringing off the hook all day and night because of families and the Soldiers on rear-D that he is trying to keep out of trouble. Not a job I would want. I imagine he was right in saying he slept more in Iraq than he does here at home. A thankless but important job. At least he was willing to help out where needed--he did clarify that he doesn't babysit or do lawns. Yes, once again, this is Gunner's third deployment to Iraq and there are wives out there wanting to know who will mow their lawn! Several ladies said that they had never touched a lawnmower and their husbands didn't want them to do that type of work--well then hire someone! If you don't want to pay, then figure it out yourself. Don't be so helpless. I consider myself fortunate that I am independent and was raised to be that way. My husband is a nice complement to me, but he is not my identity.

They are having a kick off to the Walk to Iraq and Back event this weekend. I am hoping to attend with the kids since there will be lots of activities for them to do and there is a huge playground at this location. I'm sure the girls and Junior will have a good time! I started keeping track of my miles, but will start over since he just left. Anyone who wants to send their miles to me, please do! I told Gunner he had to contribute as well so he better hit the treadmill while he is over there, in his spare time if he has any. I've been a slacker about going to the gym, but now that Junior seems to be doing much better I should have a lot more time on my hands...well at least next week I will.

I found a great opportunity for families in the Fort Hood area and I'll post more on it once I hear back from the person in charge. Erin and I are tenatively planning on going and can't wait!

The kids and I are doing great and just plugging along. I have a lot of different things planned while Gunner is gone and am looking forward to getting it all going and having a good time. There were several wives there last night that talked about how their husbands didn't want them going anywhere or doing a lot while they were gone because they would miss out. I say get out and do as much as you can. The 15 months are going to go by whether you sit at home or not, so make the most of the opportunities out there and volunteer, work, go to school, save money, see something new, try something new, make a change! Just my $.02 for the day!


Uncle Dan said...

Spoken like a true (Maiden Name). Were damned independent aren't we.

TripleE said...

Sounds like you have the right attitude, and I agree with your advice about doing as much as you can. It helps you, and it helps the kids.
I'm nearing the end of our first deployment, and I still have not met anyone in Rear D or the FRG leader... I doubt their phones are ringing off of the hook.
Hope your time goes smoothly... and quickly!

Here We Go Again said...

I am right there with ya! wives should not be helpless and if they are is it their own fault! For me time seemed to sand still during deployments BUT life goes on and we have to get out there and do what ever keeps us going,happy and passes the time. We were at hood 97-01. Sorry but I hated, there were not trees and just to hot.
You have been through all this before and I am sure each time have learned knew ways to get through it!

Reasa said...

I always take a major road trip whenever Hubby is gone longer than 30 days. Whether it is to see him or to family we head out. I am proud to say I can mow my own lawn and have a teenager who can do it also.I like taking care of the little things while Hubby is gone. It proves to not only others but myself that I am capable of taking charge and doing it right. Have fun this weekend.

Blogging for Friends said...

I remember back at McChord during our days in Hell and one of the officer's wives called me and invited me to the squadron wives meeting. I laughed. I told her that my day was spent at work (hell), then time with the boy, Thursday nights would just not was Survivor season!, and I refused to spend my time listening to whiny wives who should have moved home if they couldn't handle it or get over it and deal with it because they weren't coming right back. She said she needed people like me. I told her that I DID NOT need to be around whiny wives who had nothing better to do and wouldn't take any kind of initiative to do anything but whine!

Still though, I do feel for you and wish I could make the time go faster, if not at least easier, for you and the kids.

trying said...

It sounds like you have a great attitude going into this. Someone asked once who shovels the snow when flyboy is gone. I just looked at her with a blank stare, umm me. I love what you say about the time going by whether you do something or you dont. Excellent point.

Sarah said...

I am glad we dodged that Rear D bullet :)

T said...

Wow! I can't imagine being so helpless and not "going anywhere or doing a lot" so they wouldn't miss out. You have got to be kidding me?!

I guess it is a precarious balance, trying to take care of yourself and supporting a soldier. Especially if they rely on you or you rely on them for your identity. Good for you for not being that way!