Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finding a job

The local school district has a job fair coming up and I need to get started on my resume. I've had several interesting jobs over the last decade--buyer, worked at the Consulate in Germany, International Trade and Investment, etc.

Somehow I am supposed to play all this up towards education. If they want to give me millions to spend, I can do it. If they want to import from Africa or invest in foreign countries, I can do it. If they need me to look over oil & gas logs, reconcile account discrepancies, coordinate trade between the US and other countries, work with classified documents and more, I am their girl.

Any teachers out there that can help me? Anyone that likes to proofread resumes? Help!


Anonymous said...

I am an excellent proofreader.

Catherine said...

With 10 years teaching experience and the dumb luck of being offered every teaching job I ever applied for I just might be your girl! Also, I am fairly fluent in BS!

Anonymous said...

I'm often asked to edit things at work. Fair warning though- they usually ask me to be as critical as possible and I don't mind using a lot of red ink!

Anonymous said...

Your brother and younger sister are good with resumes! Maybe you and I can trade:)