Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My schedule, for Gunner:
1. Get up, get dressed, get a drink, brush my teeth, check email.
2. Get Abs up. Give Abs her medicine. Listen to her whine about how cold it is, how early it is, how tired she is.
3. Remind Abs that she chose to not go to sleep and that she better get up, potty, get dressed before I take her out to the car again in her underwear. (Yes, I took her in her underwear on Monday)
4. All the screeching has woken Junior up.
5. Go get Junior. He greets me with "I waked up mommy!" and a huge smile.
6. Get Junior dressed. Continue reminding Abs that her time is wasting.
7. Get Junior situated with a book while I give him his medicine.
8. Continue listening to Abs.
9. Get things ready for daycare.
10. Abs finally gets dressed.
11. Load car.
12. Drop off Junior.
13. Drop off Abs. They have her signed in as Em this week. Correct that.
14. Come home. Make lunch, pack bags, head to school.
15. Computer lab. Finish project. Get assignment.
16. Class. Take phone call from Ab's doctor.
17. More class. Squeeze in lunch during lecture and classwork.
18. Move to a different class. Get some clarity on the projects due in a few days. No time to do them though.
19. Leave class, go home, research book for literacy group project (Grrrr on group projects).
20. Go get Junior.
21. Go get Abs. Talk to friend in program with me.
22. Go pickup Rosa's since I am not cooking.
23. Eat, clean.
24. Change poopy diaper.
25. Bathe Junior.
26. Clean poop out of tub because Junior decides that's a great place to go.
27. Clean tub. Put Abs in shower. She empties entire bottle of shampoo and has a bubble shower.
28. Dress Junior, give him medicine, read him stories. Put Junior to bed.
29. Plow through bubbles to find Abs. Get her dressed for bed, read stories, tuck her in.
30. Talk to fell group member about project and plan of attack since we have 6 major things due Monday and Tuesday, plus exams.
31. Read blogs before I study.
32. Study, study, study, then shower, fall into bed, repeat, but usually with far more mishaps and drama.
This was a slow day. I hope I didn't just jinkx myself for tomorrow.


Christan Trotter said...

I admire your tenacity! I don't know that I could handle all that while I was in school! But I guess we never know our strength until we're tested. I"m sure Gunner is so proud of you! And he should be!

sandy's notes said...

Boy, I go away for a few days to come back to a whole new look! Nice change! Looks like "busy" should be your first name and "life" should be your middle name.

I've heard that you should always ask a busy person for help. They are the most likely people to get things done. Good job!

trying said...

sweet jesus your a busy gal!

MaryLu said...

My goodness, you make me tired just reading!!
Three kids, household and school! You are one tough cookie!
Take care, and try and sleep between studying and all the rest.

New Girl on Post said...

A slow day? Holy crap woman! I can't imagine a busy day! :)

Michelle said...

I admire you for being able to handle everything on your own while your dh is gone. I'm thinking the spouses of deployed soldiers deserve a few medals ourselves :)

wifeunit said...

You are amazing! Just reading through it is exhausting. And a slow day!I hope you are able to get the clinic to find a way to cross off all the trips there from your list. Geesh!

Catherine said...

ewww, tub poo! Yet another thing I dont miss from our pre-potty training days! Hope you got all of your classwork done and exams studied for. When do you get a summer break?

Amy said...

What time does it usually start and end?