Sunday, June 29, 2008

Horse Whisperer

He absolutely loved the horse and cried and cried when he got off. It didn't take long for everyone to guess how old he was.

A natural after a week at horse camp!

She was so serious and quiet!

My friend Melinda took this picture. I don't know what Junior was doing with his mouth.

We had a great time and the 40% chance of rain never materialized. The area was beautiful and they had a really nice ranch house. It was air conditioned so that is where Abs wanted to hang out all the time. They also had a stocked pond, but we didn't try our hand at fishing this time. Maybe next time since he invited us back!
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Uncle Dan said...

Good lookin' family, if I say so myself. Better than any old bowling event.

Anonymous said...

You all got invited back?!!!!

Katie said...

that looked like a lot of fun! I can't imagine how excited the kids must have been!

trying said...

Looked like a blast! Glad you guys had fun after the bowling fiasco.

Dave said...

Off topic - July 4? — Freedom From Fear of Public Speaking Day

Tim said...

Good job! :)