Monday, June 23, 2008

Money down the drain

I wonder if there is a song about that? If there is, Abs should have been singing it as she was pouring my Estee Lauder makeup down the sink. And her sister left her chapstick in there too, and that is now ruined. I don't know how she managed to sneak in there.

Em was going to NASA today on a field trip and it is 10:10 and she still isn't home. My FIL is picking her up--yes, being the anal person that I am, I did call to make sure that he was standing outside the building.

Junior went to the doctor yesterday and they upped his medicine. He's not on antibiotics right now, but they gave me a prescription to fill and keep on hand since we know it will progress to an ear infection. Right now they are hoping that it will just not get worse. Poor kiddo. Still waiting on ENT to call me, since I called them and they assured me that they would call soon. I will call again tomorrow.

I have two presentations tomorrow. If anyone knows me, they know that public speaking is not my thing. I can talk in front of kids, but not adults. I had to put it away, and will wing it and hope for the best. The more I work on it the worse I get. I am teaching a water cycle song too, and I told my friend that if my presentation doesn't last 5 minutes we are going to sing the song over and over and over. I'm sure they will love that!

No word from Gunner in a long while. If I wasn't so busy, it would bother me. I know he is busy and that the internet connection was in and out, so I'll wait. Gunner, if you are out there, call home!!!

Saturday Erin had to take a test for her teaching certification, at Baylor. They have a great children's museum up there so I took my three and her two up there. I actually came out with my hair still intact too! It really wasn't that bad because Junior is really good about keeping up with his sisters and moving on when they did. Tucker was a dream, and Scout Jr. is just as sweet as can be! The car ride home was a whole other can of worms. Erin shot some video so maybe she will get to posting it in the near future. Just imagine three crying kids and one saying "I think I am going to be sick..." Never a dull moment. Erin and I could do nothing else but laugh. Such is our life....

School is getting somewhat better. Once I have these two presentations over, I will be a little ahead of the game. I did break down and buy a laptop and that cut my workload in half. I was spending hours trying to format papers APA style (shows how old I am, we still used MLA or something like that the last time I was in school) and there was such a delay in typing. I was able to crank out 4 items in one evening, which would have had taken me days before. I am not one to make impulse purchases, but I was in tears Thursday after class and just did it. It does the bare minimum, but it works for me.

And I never thought I would get my daughter a cell phone, but it is 10:20 and Em should have been home and fast asleep already.


Uncle Dan said...

Hang in there, were with you.

trying said...

yikes you redefine busy!

just remember... YOU WILL GET THRU THIS!

Reasa said...

I would have been oh so mad if my Kiddos poured out my god make up. Oh wait!! They have and barely survived to tell the tale. :) One day soon we need to sit and let the kids run amuck and have a drink together. :)

Sandy's Notes said...

Knowing that you can laugh when things get completely crazy is good thing. Stress and children should be one word! Hang in there, what you're doing is not easy, school, kids, and doing it alone!

Have you seen this site?, just curious of what you think.

Jessica said...

You poor thing. I sure hope things get better for you soon! It has just been one thing after another here lately. Keep your chin up and know you are not in this alone. (Boy the stories I could tell). It always seems like when it rains it pours. What is up with that Philosophy anyways? I will keep you even more in my thoughts and prayers. HUGS!