Monday, July 21, 2008

Nothing new & then some...

Still plugging away in school.

Junior seems to be doing much better.

I am healed....knock on wood.

No word from Gunner. His chain of command was working to change leave since there was no point in him coming home if we are in school all day.

Still no job, so maybe I won't be in school all day, lol.

The one thing I like about my program (well, one of the many) is that they introduce me to things I need. I absolutely LOVE the ped-egg. It works wonders on my dry feet. Of course they also introduced me to Skinny Bitch and now everytime I eat I think about what I read. Thanks a lot. As if we didn't have enough to do with school, we are now pouring over labels seeing what kind of crap we are putting in our bodies. There's no way I can be vegan, but I did make stir fry using tofu last night, and Abs was in heaven. Yes, my 7 year old daughter inhaled over a cup and a half of tofu and declared it delicious. Tomorrow we are having black beans so Abs decided it was the perfect time to describe our digestive tract and how it worked. A friend at school showed me a great Grossology book and I think it will be on Ab's list for Christmas.

Em is still on vacation for another week. They are in London now, and she seems to be enjoying herself. On the bright side, I got a message today from her and it was not in pig latin. Apparently she made a friend in Oxford who taught her pig latin, so I had to learn to decipher it quickly in order to read her emails. The kid cracks me up. They visited Windsor Castle today and the guard winked at her. How's that for providing me with lots of information!

Found the cutest shirt for Junior. Hopefully pictures will follow soon.


stormykrista said...

I love my Ped-Egg Too!!!!! Glad the group is feeling better.

Uncle Dan said...

Tofu is tasteless with no color but will take on the taste and color of what seasoning it is cooked in. Ka. must be proud of your new eating philosophy, she's a vegan.

All seem to be well there again, keep up the good work.

trying said...

I could never go vegan... or vegatarian, I like me my meat too much. But good for you for eating healthy. I'm telling you you should try the black bean brownies... DELICIOUS!