Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

I survived my first week. All children are still alive, they think I am wonderful, beautiful and the best teacher ever. I definitely have my work cut out for me, but it is fun and different every day.

Palin as the VP--okay.

Gunner leaves soon.

I still haven't gotten a Wii. I should do it while Gunner is here so he can hook it up. Problem is they are out of stock everywhere.

The girls had a great first week of school. Abs has gotten in trouble every day for talking. She has the same teacher for last year and I really like her. Em has a male teacher this year, and she really likes him.

Junior had tubes put in his ear. He's been miserable since it happened. Hopefully improvement is around the corner.

I start class next Saturday. At least I know the workload will be less than over the summer. It's all good.

Junior got a hold of a permanent black marker and decorated the couch and the wall. I guess at least it wasn't desitin. Gunner's going to try steam clean it today.

Abs is reading Harry Potter and loving it.

Gunner's list has not been completed. Maybe I was too ambitious? He has changed every diaper since he came home, so I will cut him some slack. (Update: I had to get one this morning, so no slack!)

I had my grass cut for free by the organization that contracts for free mowings for military families. I'll find the link and post it.

I met some friends from my program for drinks after we got our computer the other day. It was nice. Our topics sure have changed!

I went and had my haircut last night and straightened. My hair is sooooo curly, it took two people over an hour to straighten it.

Gunner had a sleepover with the girls last night. This morning he assured me that he will be sleeping on a bed next time.

A long, long, long time ago, today, a beautiful, bouncing baby girl was born in Australia. She was the light of her parent's life and adored by her siblings.....or so she likes to imagine. :)


Dave said...

Happy BD fro

Uncle Dan said...

We have been awaiting some news about your first week as a teacher and are very proud of your accomplishments in that line. Everything else seems to be status quo there. We'll start sending packages again, now that your diaper helper is heading back. Looks like rain in the offing in Texas. All we get is humidity.

Anonymous said...

A very vivid imagination. Happy Birthday, Fro!

The Mrs. said...

sucks that R&R is almost over.

Glad to hear your first week went well!

rose_michelle said...

Glad school started off right for all of you. Sorry to hear about the tubes and that R&R is ending soon. I am right there with you wishing that it would go on forever. Happy Birthday! Did you do anything special!

stormykrista said...

Happy 36th!

Try Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol) to get the marker out. Test the couch in an out of the way spot first to make sure that the color isn't dissolved by the alcohol too. Then lots of alcohol and a cloth diaper and blot and blot and blot. The wall…..Mister Clean Magic Eraser! They take nearly everything off, but they are a super fine abrasive so start small and light to see just how much rubbing will be needed. Because it can rub right through the surface if you get crazy.

FYI …I discovered that Spray-n-Wash and a steam cleaner salvaged my carpet and bedding from the diaper cream! Just in case you ever needed to know.

Catherine said...

Hey, Teach! Glad your first week was such a rousing success. I knew it would be! Also Happy Birthday, SS. Did you get my card? I hope you thought it was half as funny as I did. The folks at Walgreens were sure I was an escaped mental patient with all my laughter in the card aisle. So sad to hear that R&R is nearly over - certainly hasnt been long enough.