Saturday, November 22, 2008

Around the Hood

Em had her xylophone concert at school. She did a great job, especially from the hallway where I spent most of the time watching through a window. Junior was especially cranky and was trying to get on the stage to his sister. My mom was there, but she had to leave when during the last number Abs was unscrewing lightbulbs on the stage. Mental note to find a babysitter next time.

Abs has been especially whiny and after the concert incident, I asked her what her punishment should be. She thought about it for a while and she decided that she should lose tv until the 30th of December. I gave her till the 1st of January. She is able to earn back one day by behaving--so far she has only earned back one day, but at least she can start off 2009 on the right foot. Hopefully this will make an impression on her. Not much seems to have an effect on her. She's Gunner's kid.

Gunner's other kid believes that she is not loved because I make her do her homework, clean her room, go to bed at a decent hour, and I won't let her wear nail polish. Rough life.

Gunner's son has discovered fruit chews and is in heaven. I didn't realize that every time he asked for a set of "gummies" that Gunner's girls were giving him some. He polished off a gigantic box of 48 in a week. No wonder I have to change so many dirty diapers.

Only two days of school next week, I can't wait!

Are you ready for this???? The donut of misery is at 56% done, 44% to go if we stick with the 15 month deployment. If it goes to a year, then we are 70% done, 30% to go, which means the number of trash days I will have left is manageable--well sort of manageable.

My inlaws asked me weeks ago what I was doing for Thanksgiving. I told them that I was going to Houston. Today I had 5 missed calls from them and several texts wanting to make plans. Maybe I will tell them that we can do it Wednesday? Maybe I will spend Christmas with them or something.

Junior got the memo and slept in this morning. 9 hours of sleep. Perfect.

I am hitting the gym this week. Maybe today. Maybe Wednesday. Maybe after Thanksgiving? The donut of misery has motivated me to get moving because I don't have long to get it all together! I think I need a personal trainer.


Uncle Dan said...

See, the sun did rise again.

With 3 kids, you need a personal trainer, how about a personal sitter?

Susan said...

I think I have watched most recitals/programs through a window the last 5 years :(.. maybe the next one will be the one.
and YEAH about the donut of misery!! :D