Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The girls didn't stay still long enough to snap too many pictures. It didn't take long for Junior to get the hang of trick-or-treating and we have an obscene amount of candy. We walked by one house that had Obama/Biden signs up and my children refused to go up there to get any candy. The next day, Abs mentioned that the reason she didn't go up there was because there was the possibility of them poisoning their candy since they obviously were voting the wrong way. I did explain to her that they wouldn't poison their candy just because they were democrats, that they were just stupid.
Speaking of elections, I never did make it over to early vote, so I will be out at the polls on Tuesday with all three children in tow. I think I can fit it in after school, after physical therapy and before bath time. I hope the lines aren't too long. Gunner got his absentee ballot and mailed it off immediately. What a good Soldier he he called, which always scores points.


dutchgirl said...

Oh how cute those children are! Makes up for their shenanigans, I hope ;)

Uncle Dan said...

Love those kids.

Spanish Princess said...

They are so adorable! I'm sure they had tons of fun! I sent my absentee vote off already, but since George is in Houston, he was going to vote in person. But had previously voted absentee, so they said they couldn't find his paperwork/records. He called the main office and they told him he could re-register and vote in four years. The someone said he didn't qualify to vote ... Boy was he peeved. He said he'd found in two wars for this country, got shot at for this country, watched his friends die for this country and as an American Soldier EARNED the right to vote for who would lead this country. Boy, was I glad not to be the person on the other end of the phone!

Marilyn Sue said...

This reminds me of a story in my family of when my father was a little pitcher with big ears, sitting by the fireplace, and he piped up to inject in an adult conversation that not all Democrats were bad; and gave his Sunday School teacher as an example. It was a story that was told in my family because he found another Democrat that wasn't bad and he married her. My parents cancelled each other out on election day for over 50 years.

It is sad that the electioneering is on such a level that children would be fearful of Republicans or Democrats. It is families like yours that make it possible for all of us in America to live free from the fear of election results. You can't say that in a lot of places where it is dangerous to vote or to vote the wrong way.

We know that our military will always support and obey whoever is in office because personal and political feelings are set aside when you are in service to your country. That is why I honor and respect our military and their families.

We cannot always be seen as we would wish to be seen, so I have to cringe a little at your "defense" of Democrats. But at least you told them I am not a poisoner! :) If there is an opportunity, please also tell your children that some of us, however misguided in our political choices, have kind hearts.

The Mrs. said...

I love the obama story! Adorable pictures as always!

Anonymous said...

Well I also didn't get to early vote............So I will be standing w/ 3 yr old in a probably long line. Maybe I'll give ya a call.

Lance after hearing Obama's neam on the radio yells "Obamma's the bomb!"......Huh? Where did that come from?


Anonymous said...

Your kids always have the cutest costumes for Halloween!