Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last final

I had my last final today. Tomorrow I have our last day of teaching and a paper due. I at least made mine amusing for her since I know our prof is burned out too. It's just a reflection paper, my favorite kind as there is really no way to do it wrong.

Em comes home in two days. No more incidents at camp, so that's a good thing.

When Eduardo passed through town, Abs proceeded to give me an entire lesson on the history of the umbrella. I really didn't put much thought into why we have them, but now I know. It's amazing how much I learn from this kid.

If you ask Junior what his name is he will only reply with "me" and point at himself. I never say "hey me" so no telling where he picked this up from! It's cute though, and he named the bear Em got him from England "you". And what a pair "me" and "you" make.

Countdown for R&R is on. Hard to believe.

Training starts next week for school. My friend Mel asked me if there was ever a day I didn't worry.....ummmmm........probably not.

Oh, I hired someone to come clean my house, and I LOVE HER!!!! She's coming back on Monday to clean the kids' rooms. Yeah, I know they should clean their own, we'll get to that point, but right now I can't take it anymore. She's wonderful, did a great job so far, and I feel so much better when I am sitting here working since I don't have 5,000 other things that I need to be doing. I think I found my reward to myself.


cj said...

Congrats on being done! I know your students are going to love you in the fall.


Gunner said...

WHAT! I'm not reward enough?

Reasa said...

WOOHOO!!!! I want to hire a maid oneday. I may this deployment so I don't have to do everything plus school. It just drives me nuts thinking about it.

liberal army wife said...

gunner - peanut gallery heard from! yay!

Well, I didn't get a cleaning lady until we were getting ready to list the house. and I SO regret not having someone to just come and vaccuum & mop (long haired dog, long haired cat, gravel drive, gravel road....) and do the bathrooms... You are a smart lady.


Abbey said...

Happy last day of school to you.
Happy last day of school to you.
Happy last day of shcool dear korin.
Happy last day of school for you.

Now just look forward to seeing your hubby. The kids that you teach aren't going to know if you make a mistake. If you forget something, just break out the paper mache rat! lol..

congrats and we still need to get together. i have tons of barney stuff for you including a plate i totally forgot about!