Friday, April 3, 2009

Almost done...

I am done studying. I think I have crammed everything I can into this brain of mine, and I must be ready for the test.

It was early dismissal today at school, and you would have thought that their parents fed my students red bulls for breakfast. Luckily it seemed to be a school wide epidemic.

I had a problem parent today, but took it to the principal and showed him my documentation and got his backing that I was doing everything right. I finished up my PDAS stuff but never got to my long list of things to do.

Gunner is obsessed with camping. His list is growing. He dreams about it. He talks about it. He plans for it. We have the dates set and we have nowhere picked out yet to go. He starts leave tonight at midnight. I wish I was going on leave.

I found a 50 mile bike ride in the neighboring town. I am trying to convince him how fun it will be. I found another 10K for us to do. I'm going to burn through my sick and leave days so that I can enjoy some time off. I'm so glad that the kids cooperated and I was able to save them!

Off to get a good night sleep so I can be ready to go in the morning!


The Mrs. said...

half days seem to wire kids dont they?

Enjoy what you can of your husbands leave!

Gunner said...

What!!!!!!! I'm on Leave? Let the fun start.

Marilyn Sue said...

Davis Mountain State Park is probably best if this is a first time venture with the kids. The rattlesnake museum in Fort Davis is actually good. Horseback riding is available nearby. They have showers, restrooms and water all close by, but it is quiet and you see and hear wild animals. Their are nature talks and you are close to town which has a neat restaurant. It is a little cool because it is elevated. Don't miss McDonald Observatory nearby.

An hour or so drive and you can see the bizarre Marfa Lights.

BEST place to camp is Big Bend, but it is not a starter camp unless your kids really like to rough it. It will be too hot soon to go there as it is desert. Davis Mtn. is good all year.

Caveat. All should be avoided during spring break!

lola said...

Aw, I looove camping. The 10K and the bike ride sounds like fun too! :)