Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I heart PCSing

Not really, right now.

Housing will be available at the end of the summer. Not a problem, we want to live in it and not be bothered with fixing things or being tied down to a house, etc. I love simplicity...sort of.

Gunner leaves less than a week after we get there. He'll be back at the end of the summer. School starts there at the beginning of August, so I feel like I need to be there. Apparently, after teaching for a year, I have learned that I am one of the few people at the "great place" that believes their children should go to school So I could keep them out, but I won't.

School starts here at the end of August. So if we stayed here (don't worry mom, I know there is a 30 day limit) then we would miss the start of school anyway. If we go, do we stay in a hotel for a 6-7 weeks?

I found one that would work, but it wasn't exactly in an area or had reviews that appealed to me. There is a military one that we could do, but they only book for three days at a time and then after our three days, we could renew, but there is a chance that someone of a higher priority would come along and we would have to leave. Move out of a hotel we have been living in with three kids and a husband gone? Not appealing. I guess we could rent an apartment, get no phone or internet (I love my iPhone) and live with the bare necessities for a few months and hope that they let us out of the lease to move on post.

Gunner wants to head out there next week and scout out the situation. Maybe he should wait till I get there on the 15th and then we can look. He has to be there on the 10th, so I guess he could live in the barracks for a few days or so. Wonder if we can all live in the barracks? Surely it would be easy to hide three small children and a spouse?

And how come the Army guest house is $80 a night with no kitchen? At Lewis we stayed there for weeks and it was less than $30 a night and had a kitchen....and a maid!

I'm not too stressed yet, since I aced my test today (I think) and finished my hour long presentation, which wasn't an hour but he said it was great. I had a great workout this morning and have hit the gym every day this week, and I get to sleep in tomorrow.

I'll save the worrying for another day, I have pushups and crunches to do before bed!


Uncle Dan said...

Didn't I tell you not to worry about the class work?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh man, I would be stressing to the max. I'm sure its going to work out and all get straightened out!

Mrs. Mike said...

I am at Fort Lewis right now and might need to use the guest house... how do I go about doing that?!

I have to PCS by myself with my 5 month old in August, but I have to be out of my apartment before I can actually leave. So the guest housing seemed the most practical, just dont know how to go about arranging that!


Courtney said...

We are at Lewis rifght now and stayed a few weeks on post. My suggestion... start calling apartment complexes. Some will let you rent month to month (no lease) for a bit extra per month. Just take a partial drop of your household goods. You'll be on post in no time.