Thursday, June 18, 2009


They assure Gunner that tomorrow he will definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, double pinky promise, that he will have his clearing papers tomorrow.

We can hope!

He's already cleared his unit, housing, and a few other things, so the list of things on his list of things, should be minimal. He can't start leave until the magical clearing papers are found, completed, and he signs out of "The Great Place".

We are living with my mom, which is interesting in itself. She doesn't like noise or chaos, so try keeping three noisy children on their best behavior all the time is a recipe for disaster. Add in my two nephews that my mom is babysitting while their mom is on a business trip, and you have even more chaos. I hate being homeless.

We are going to my brother's house this weekend to get away from it all. He only has one kid, one dog, and 2 cats. It will also be the first time Gunner meets his newest nephew that is now almost a year old. Last deployment it was his son he had to meet. We will also be telling them goodbye until they come to vacation in Colorado and become ski bums with me.

I suck at skiing. We went once in the Alps, and I just never got the hang of it. I now blame it on the fact that I was pregnant with Em and didn't know it! I am determined to learn in CO and get good at it--okay, I will settle for just being able to get down a hill in one piece and off the bunny slopes!

I'm trying to crank out school work left and right, plus train for the triathlon on July 12th.

Gunner went swimming and running with me Tuesday night. It was wonderful!!! Unfortunately, the kids didn't stay in bed, so it won't be happening again. Togetherness must be overrated somewhere, so we will settle for splitting up the workouts till they are grown, it's all good.

I'm off to another fun-filled day of class....


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Crossing my fingers for you that he gets his papers!!!

Mama Nut said...

I hate being homeless... I feel your pain! Good luck!

ModernMom said...

Best wishes to your family!

dutchgirl said...

I hate doing the suitcase shuffle, too. That just blows my mind about the clearing stuff, only the Army. Good luck on the next triathlon!