Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Abs is home!

All three kids are under my mom's roof again, and it's almost 10 pm and no one is sleeping.

Junior has walked out a couple of times, given a fake yawn stretch and told us "That was a great dream".

Abs snuck a flashlight to bed, but since she is in a room with Em, Em of course had to tell. The screaming then started. "No I don't" "Yes you do" "No I don't"....it's like they never left each other's sides.

No one is sleepy except for me I think.

Gunner went to pick up a rotisserie chicken and some tortillas. They were out unfortunately, so no telling what he is dragging home for our late dinner. I just hope it's healthy!

I'm trying to study with a killer headache.

Gunner called me and he hit a deer. Thankfully he is okay, the car is okay, and the deer was little enough so there was no damage to the car. Unfortunately the deer did not make it. My mom had several thousands of dollars worth of damage to her car when she hit a deer, and I remember my friend Peggy having a ton of damage. That's not what we would need right now!

I think I am back to staying here over the summer. I've called tons of places, and we cannot stay in a two bedroom because we have three kids. BHA doesn't cover anything but drug infested, crime infested places. I'm not thrilled with keeping the kids out of school, but what the heck. Stay tuned, I might change my mind tomorrow.

I ran this morning and my foot hurts now. It can't be hurt, I have a triathlon on Sunday!

Two more days of classes....two more days. After grades are posted, they will issue our certificates and we can apply for our license. Not having it is hurting my job search as I can't apply for a license in Colorado till I get my Texas license. No rush, I know there has to be something I am qualified to do!

Gunner is home and dinner is served....


Uncle Dan said...

What did you have, venison steaks?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

wow! That was a lot. I'm glad the car and your husband were ok! Glad your all back under one roof!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Ya know on my way to my running spot tonight I saw a guy pulled along side the road who had hit a baby deer...The poor thing still looked alive though...Not sure what they were going to do with it...So glad your Gunner is okay and the car was not damaged!