Friday, July 3, 2009

It's getting close!

Next week Gunner takes off to Colorado to check things out, sign in, in process, and then head out to school in KY.

I will finish my last week of classes.

Junior has no desire to potty train. Ugh. I think I will just wait till the 13th of July and keep him outside, naked, all day. I'm sure the retirement community we are currently living in will be abuzz with news on "the streaker".

There was this family that lived near us in Houston, and after I was gone, my sister used to call them the nudists because there little boy was always outside naked. I know why now. Those poor, poor, people!

We are headed to the outlaws today to spend the day with them. They wanted to get together on the 4th, but we have to get Em from camp, which is about 4 hours round trip.

Speaking of Em, we got our first letter from her yesterday and she is having the time of her life. I found a picture of her with her counselor on the website today and a cabin picture too. I used to love going to camp, but way back when, it was $240 for two weeks! It's almost double that for one week now at Girl Scout camp, and Pine Cove is $799 a week and is going up to $899 a week next year.

I'm in the wrong business.

I'm still biking almost every day, and swimming every other day. I found a swim meet on post that I am tempted to sign up for, just for the heck of it. I haven't been doing much running outside since it is toooooooo hot.

......the outlaws was fine. My MIL always makes me german potato salad and has wine. Life is good.

Junior finally fell asleep.

I applied for some jobs.

Paid bills.

Turned in forms to get reimbursed for tests I have taken for school.

I've got to get organized, and preferably before my mom gets home with Abs and sees the mound of paperwork that is piled up on her kitchen table.

I can't wait to get Emily tomorrow!!! No phone calls about broken arms this year. Definitely a good thing since we are looking for a return visit with Junior to the ER since he has "lesions" on his side, and we need to get them checked out before daycare kicks him out. Poor kiddo.


Uncle Dan said...

It", what's that about?

Brittany said...

Don't feel bad my boys are ALWAYS naked... its the best way to potty train... but we also have a privacy fence around our back yard too! LOL

Uncle Dan said...

Is that brown streaks you are talking about, as in more streaks in his underwear than at the drag strip.