Saturday, August 8, 2009

What to do...

We wanted to do something fun today, but then reality set in. We have to get unpacked before school starts, and potty training isn't any fun while on the go.

We unpacked.

Went to Walmart.

Went to the commissary.

Had 6 accidents with Junior. Ugh. He was great all day yesterday while we were shopping, but today he had no interest in it. He even started screaming "I don't want to use the potty".

Nope, the m&m's aren't working. Reading books while he sits there works for a bit.

He won't poop on there. We'll keep plugging away.

There are a bunch of girls Ab's age in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, she's not very social, so while she always leaves to play with them, within 5 minutes she has wandered off by herself and discovered something new and exciting.

They want to play house, and she doesn't want to be bothered with that.

I went to visit my friend Jessie yesterday that lives here. We met when we both worked at the Consulate in Germany, and have kept in touch all these years. We talked, we laughed, we cried. I'm glad I have a friend here that I can count on and knows me and accepts it all. Now 11 years later we finally live in the same town, just 20 minutes apart. Who would have thought?

Gunner wants to go to Pikes Peak tomorrow. I asked him if he was planning on taking the cog or driving. He votes for driving. Ummmm.....his driving around town scares me! I went up Pikes Peak when I was a kid, and I remember my brother telling me that the road was straight up. I believed him and strapped myself down in our old Dodge van. Then when we got up to the top he told me that I would blow off and never be seen again. I was 7 and gullible. We got to the top, went out for a walk, he told me how I could blow away, and I proceeded to walk around on my hands and knees. I told the girls this story and they looked at me like I was insane. Great.

I'm thinking Pikes Peak will have to hold off till Junior is a little bit more potty trained. Let's hope he starts making some progress soon!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great you have a friend so close!

Priscila said...

Next time you are the one who have to drive!!! women control it better...
I want to wish you and your husband all my best wishes!!!
take care

The Mrs. said...

so nice to have a friend nearby!

Itsnt it funny to look back and think of all the stupid stuff you believed due to gullibility. My sister told me when a balloon pops its super sharp, I still freak when I have to pick up balloon pieces.

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