Friday, September 11, 2009

Electricity & Bananas

We lost power at 1 this morning.  Thankfully we still haven't unpacked our alarm clock--I'm starting to wonder if it made the trip--so we had our phones set to wake us up.  We got dressed in the dark and everyone went to school.  Junior's school was in the dark too.

I went to the gym, and since the power was out, I lifted weights for about half an hour.  The lights came on and I fit in a 4 mile tempo run.  I figured the lights must be on at home, but I returned home to a dark house.

I showered in the dark.  I couldn't do my homework so I decided to head to the thrift store.  I scored on a brand new scrabble deluxe for cheap, cheap, cheap--dictionary included.  I found one of those 400 piece lego sets of a UFO for cheaper, cheaper, cheaper.  A couple of books, some vintage tupperware, a gigantic coffee mug, and I called Gunner.

He agreed that I should stop off and get Thai food just in case the power was still out.  It was still out.  It came on briefly and then was out again.  I got the kids, stopped by the office to find out that they had no clue when we would have power. 

Finally the electric company agreed to take the power from the command and give it to housing over the weekend.  Come Monday morning if the problem isn't fixed, we will be powerless again.  I was not made to be a pioneer woman!  Especially when I have a paper to write and need to do some research.

Tonight at the community center they had a banana party.  They had a decorating party and contest.  Our entries:
And what happens to the groom after the wedding?  (Or after Junior sneaks away with the groom)
The bride went into mourning per her creator Em.

They had banana splits too, so how could we say no to that?

I better get started on my paper before we lose power again.


Uncle Dan said...

Our power is to go out sometime around midnight tonight and be back on in an hour or so. The last time they said that it was several days, and they wouldn't answer their telephone, to boot.

Spanish Princess said...

On a different note ... have you looked at adopting a former military working dog? I can give you some links if you want them. Tehy are older dogs, already trained and many of them have been around children at demos and stuff. Just a thought ...