Thursday, October 1, 2009

More changes...

Em gets braces in less than three weeks.  We went to our consultation appointment yesterday, and since he came highly recommended and had an opening, we took it.  I cannot thank my parents enough for paying for me to have braces, but I can pass on the gift to my own children.  Em is excited....sort of.....until she realized that she would have them on before Halloween and wouldn't be able to eat most of the Halloween candy.

I took Abs to the doctor on Monday and asked for a PT and OT referral.  So far only the OT referral has gone through, but she has an evaluation set in a few weeks.  Hopefully this will get abs the help she needs.  She still really struggles with her handwriting, and she's such a bright, bright, bright kid!

Today Ab's class was going to the zoo on a field trip.  Her teacher asked me to accompany them, so I couldn't say no.  Her teacher told them to dress in layers because it was going to be in the low 40's today.  Abs took that to heart and wore a pair of tights, two pairs of leggings, two t-shirts, and a long sleeve shirt.  Then the girl tried to get away with sandals and no socks.  I vetoed that and she wore socks and shoes along with her unmatching outfit.  Oh did I mention she wore striped toe socks all her leggings and tights?

Junior had an accident yesterday, and the teacher asked where the puddle came from.  He looked at her, and answered excitedly "My penis!" as if it was some big surprise.

Making plans for this weekend, assuming I finish all my school work.  If you know of something good in Colorado, let me know!


Uncle Dan said...

Karen had to take classes in handwriting in elementary school and look at her now!

Erin said...

Oh my goodness. I'm laughing hysterically, both at Abs and Junior.

Have you heard of the Wishing Star Farm yet? I think we'll go there next weekend when my family is here.