Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Random Thoughts

My mom is gone, and all the turkey has been eaten.  Well it was eaten the first 48 hours because I get sick just thinking about bacteria growing after that magical witching hour, but I digress.

We watched the K9 demonstration at Ab's brownie meeting last night.  It was one of the best that I have seen!  Abs had plenty of questions for the handlers:

   --Where can I get one of those attack suits?  I need one with mittens.  I have an attack baby brother.

   --Can I pet that dog?  (The dog was all but frothing at the mouth ready to attack)

   -- What a cute little puppy, I bet my Sammy would love him to come live with us.  (Ummm....her dog is
        scared of the tiny little weenie dog down the street)

   --Can you train my dog Sammy to act like this?  (At first I thought this was a bad idea, but if they could
       make him keep the kids in bed at night, I might be all for it.  Maybe the dog could potty train Junior?)

  --Do you make the janitors clean up after the dogs, because my mom makes me, and I would rather have
     a janitor.

The Airmen didn't know what to think, but she balanced it out by asking "normal" questions. 

I was leaving to go get Em from Girl Scouts tonight and the main gate was closed.  I was stuck in those curvy things, for lack of a better turn--the ones that make you want to run a slalom course.

We sat and sat and sat.  I am never late.

I called Gunner and had him sort through my thousands of emails that I keep "just in case" till he found the number for the leader.  Called the leader, she said she would wait.

The gate remained locked.  I called Gunner back and asked him to try to head out the north gate.  It was locked.

Nothing is worse than not being able to pick up your kiddo.

Finally after about another half an hour we were able to get out.  At least I had facebook in the car, although I was almost out of gas and my phone was dying.  On the bright side, it hadn't started snowing yet.

I went to an event today, but that will be another blog as I found some great resources for deployments!


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