Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We're still going gluten free...

and I honestly think it is messing with her ability to bring her homework from school to the house.  I guess they had a ton of it tonight, but of course it's not here.  I told her I would still love her if she had to repeat 3rd grade.

Abs used to constantly make her own meals, and now I refuse to let her.  She has to eat what is served, which is what I used to do before Gunner deployed when I was pregnant with Junior and well, good intentions flew out the window.

We have juiced.

We have baked.  She loved the muffins I made.  The gluten free brownies out of a Betty Crocker box, were actually really good.

We still haven't stumbled on a mac and cheese that she's liked, but we are trying. 

Now The Mrs. is having a giveaway with gluten free lollipops.  It has to be better than what Abs was eating out of her Halloween basked in the fall!

This morning I heard the loudspeakers go off, and they kept going off repeatedly, but I just ignored them.  Abs was already at the bus stop, and it was a few minutes before her bus was to come and a siren went off.  I figured I would sit with her till the bus came, before I went to the gym.  I got in the car went out of the parking lot, and was met with dozens of little kids running around. 

The kids heard the word "Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown" and were running home.  Actually Abs was headed to her friend's house, where I would have never found her, and they all missed the bus.  I drove Abs to school and then went to hit the gym on post since I couldn't leave.  It was locked down.  Everything was closed, so I came home and took a nap.  It was too cold for my old bones to be running outside. 

Tomorrow is volunteer day, and I am looking into volunteering at a food bank.  I really need to focus on getting a job too.

Having problems with Abs and school again.  Apparently she is not doing her writing assignments--something she struggles with because of her fine motor skill delays.  Her teacher's solution is to give her zeroes.  Seriously?  She has tons to write about, but the problem is getting her to put it on paper, and her handwriting is already so far behind.  The teacher said she has too many students to worry about one.  My principal would have had my hide if I had ever said something like that. 

Anyway, I got an email from the counselor today about it, and I lost it.  I emailed her back and asked once again about the 504 that I requested back in October, that they have been dragging their feet on, and haven't received a response yet. 

Maybe I should homeschool her the rest of this year.  24/7 with Abs...I have to think on that.  I'm still going to work with the school and get them to provide her with what she needs. 

Gunner has training tonight, and we don't have Interactive Metronome training.  Yea!

I got tickets for Disney Live for Junior and Abs.
The new coffee pot arrived.
I am still trying to figure out a way to go to the Walking With Dinosaurs exhibit without it costing $400 for our entire family to attend.  That's crazy!

I found a cool place to go this weekend, we just need to fit it around Em's Forensics meet, training, gym, swimming, and everything else, like conquering that pile of laundry I have.

My next craft project is in the the meantime, here's the finished nightstand.  We were going to distress it, but after the whole royal vs navy incident, we just wanted it done.  We bought new hardware and noticed that the holes weren't even, but at this point, we're calling it personality.

Not a great picture, but the end results were worth the effort.  There's two of them, and anything had to be better than the colors they started out!


Sarah said...

Holy cow, I would throw a FIT if they didn't work out her 504!!!! I have a teaching degree (never got a teaching job), and I would harass them until they fixed it! They HAVE TO meet all of her needs. They don't have a choice. I understand that it's hard to deal with a room full of kids (literally, I know) and each of their possible modifications, but that's a teacher's job!!!! I had to do that as a student teacher. I didn't even get paid for it!! Ok, I'm angry and she's not even my daughter. Lol! The teacher in me gets angry about other teachers who don't do their jobs correctly.

Gypsy at heart said...

Great paint job! Worth the hassle.

Mrs. Bierschenk said...

The nightstands turned out great!

The Mrs. said...

I have the teachers hide as well. What about typing, is that any easier for her fine motor skills? Or can she dictate? We had a student who had that in their 504 plan,writing was stressful {he was an asberger kiddo} and was also a fine motor issue so he could dictate when the assignment was more about the ideas behind the writing then the actual handwriting. Perhaps she could dictate the work to you or to an aide.

Erin said...

We are gluten free in our house. I have a gluten intolerance. I have tons of recipes, and tips on good gluten free products!

Julie the Army Wife said...

That teacher! Wow!

I hope everything can happen to get Abs the help she needs.

Those lollipops looked cool!

Anonymous said...

You know what, try Bluetooth jammer to jam all spy devices in your room or office.

Wife of a Sailor said...

How the HECK can a teacher say she can't worry about "one" child. WTF?

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