Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BDU's, DCU's, ACU's, FRCU's, Oh My!

I never thought that they would change the uniforms as much as they have while Gunner has been active duty.

Of course I never thought he would see a war, or that he would deploy as much as he had.  I guess I lived in denial?

First deployment to Iraq.....BDU's.  He was so young!

When Gunner first went to Iraq, they didn't have all the rules they do about getting involved with the animals.  He loved this puppy.

The second deployment it was DCU's. (This picture was from the first deployment when they could wear both uniforms) I still think that they are kind of pink.

Then there was the third deployment to Iraq.  ACU's.  I like them better than the DCU's, but not as much as BDU's.

This picture was from his homecoming from the third deployment.  So much for getting a nice picture of the two of us with crazy kids like this!

In keeping with the Army's tradition of changing the uniform every time Gunner deploys, they have come out with the FRCU's.  As if our house didn't have enough abandoned uniforms littering the basement, we'll be able to add to the collection.  All of Gunner's uniforms and TA50 fit in the front closet of our one bedroom apartment when we got married, not anymore!

Oh, and just for the record Army, I miss my husband shining his boots every morning. Can you go back to the old boots?


Wife of a Sailor said...

Wow... and I thought the NAVY was bad!

Sarah said...

Yeah, hubby was telling me that they're changing the uniforms...along with the dress uniforms. I was seriously irritated when he told me that they issued him the OLD dress uniforms 2 days after the new ones were "standard dress". SERIOUSLY?! $400 uniform...grrr.

Sara said...

My husband was in one of the last classes at Ft. Leonard Wood to have the BDUs and those lovely black boots (which my husband curses every change he gets). He moved all of his stuff to Germany right after AIT only to discover they had changed the uniform to ACUs. It's so much trouble!

Mrs. Mike said...

I love the ACU's. I wish they wouldnt change those. And the Class A uniform (green) was so handsome, I do NOT like the new blue color. And I am pissed that we have to buy them ourselves just because they decided to change the stinkin color.

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

Not again!! My husband has been in the military for 10 years and two branches and you can only imagine how many uniforms he has! I joke he could open a small used military clothing store!

Julie the Army Wife said...

I like the old BDUs I think. Although now I am use to the ACUs.

MyArmyLife said...

I was so glad when they went to ACUs. When they were in BDUs and he would come home with the dreaded DCUs, it was like a dagger to the heart. They would wear the DCUs for two weeks before deployment and I always felt like it was a neon sign, "I AM LEAVING MY FAMILY SOON! I'M GOING FAR AWAY TO DO DANGEROUS THINGS!!" Silly, right? But I hated those things. =)

The Mrs. said...

I like to think the Marine Corps started the trend of frequently changing uniforms. Flyboy actually had two sets of digital cammies issued to him withing a year of each other.

{Turns out in infinite wisdom the marine corps had embedded eagle globe and anchors in the patterns and then ooops even though they were small the powers that be found it midly innappropriate to have EGA's on ones ass. Those uniforms didn't last long.}

I feel like an old lady b/c I look back on pics of flyboy in his early marine corps days in the old style cammies. ah. those were the days.

dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

I totally thought the DCUs looked pink too! Dh used to think I was nuts.

I also am somewhat nostalgic for the old BDUs. I definitely liked their look much better. You can tell it's been a long time because I even wax poetic about the old patches I used to rip my hair out over sewing ("No it has to be **this** much to the right").

No to polish, though! Dh hath ruined a rug or two with that stuff.