Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ab's Birthday

We survived another birthday with Abs.  She only managed to wake up at the crack of dawn, knock something over and give it a little character, and make a mess wherever she went.

We found this cute little outfit at walmart today, and I thought it would make her pictures a little more toned down than what she was originally wearing.  Six dollars too!  

We spent forever trying to pick out a cake.  Abs inspected each one, compared and contrasted, and mentioned that it might be easier with a venn diagram.  Finally she decided on one, and then requested that the cake lady write "happy birthday" and her name in a different color for each letter.  The cake lady looked annoyed, but said she would write each letter of her name in a different color.  

When the cake lady was finished, Abs was absolutely delighted, placed the cake in the buggy, and then threw her arms around the cake lady to thank her for making her birthday so special.  What was the cake lady to do but smile, tell me what a wonderful kiddo I had, and give her free cookies.  Just what she needed, sugar.

We had her open presents before we went to eat, and she was so excited about capri pants.  

She got a dinosaur.
It moves, roars, plays music, is really neat.  She loved her sewing machine.
And she seemed happy with everything else that she got.  We went to dinner at The Airplane Restaurant.  It was so neat!
We made reservations to sit in the plane portion of the restaurant.  Abs was about to jump out of her skin.  We hit the bathrooms and they reminded me of The Mrs.

We came out as Abs was telling everyone that we had reservations for the plane. (one guy thanked her for letting him know, so he could sit elsewhere) When Abs is excited, she gets louder and louder.  Three kids, and they need to be heard, so the sound seemed to be deafening to me.  

The waitress came to our table and introduced herself as our Flight Attendant.  Abs screamed "We are going to take off????".  I assured Abs we were staying put.  They were amazed to be sitting over the wing, that the table was a map, and that they were allowed to go to the cockpit and "fly" the plane.  Don't think that Abs wasn't trying to figure out how they had it stuck to the ground, so she could make it take off.

The food was great, although a tad expensive.  Our flight attendant assured me that we were not even close to being the loudest family that had ever been there.  Whew.  The kids were just so excited and it was pretty cool.  

There were milkshakes to be had.

Cute Soldiers in attendance.

Two piegons that decided to give a facts of life demonstration on the wing of the plane.  This was before those two little lovebirds got carried away.  

The kids' analysis of it was "they are riding each other piggyback like Sammy used to do to Junior".  Thanks kids for telling everyone in the restaurant that Sammy the humping dog lives with us.

The restaurant was filled with memorabilia and history.  I could have walked around all day trying to absorb it all.  

We returned home for cake and ice cream. 

Now all three kiddos are tucked into bed and will hopefully be asleep soon.

Happy Birthday Abs!


Julie the Army Wife said...

What a fun birthday!!! That plan restaurant looks SO cool too.

Uncle Dan said...

One Birthday, never to be forgotten.

Gypsy at heart said...

You might not have had to make reservations if you had just turned Abs loose on them :) I know she enjoyed every minute and it sur beat Olive Garden! Remember the lizards they found here that were "hugging and kissing"?

dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

How fun is that?! I am totally going to have to check out the airplane restaurant. Happy Happy Birthday, Abs!

Stephanie Hartman said...

Hello i'm your newest follower...Well looks like she had a WONDERFUL birthday...

On a Journey said...

Where is this airplane restaurant? Colorado Springs or Texas?


Anonymous said...

I loved going to the airplane restaurant, the last time I was there we got stuck there because the roads were closed off for President Bush's motorcade.

I got the same sewing machine for Christmas and am still trying to figure the darn thing out, can Abs come give me a tutorial? :)

Kasey said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was such a fun day!