Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Slump--Need Help!

I need your best advice.  I don't ask for help much, but I am finally admitting I need it.

I have no holiday spirit.  I bought a few gifts, but I just can't bring myself to leave the house and do anything (other than crossfit).  I was supposed to go to a dinner tonight put on by Operation Homefront, and ordering pizza sounded like more fun.

It didn't help that I am apparently at war with Abbie's school.  I have hired an advocate, and she is going to save my sanity I think.

I feel like the last month I have been put through the wringer and then doused in ice cold water a half dozen times for good measure.

My question to do you get out of the holiday slump when your Servicemember is deployed?  The last 4 times he was deployed over Christmas, I was on top of my game.  This time.....not so much.

The kids are excited about Christmas, but there is nothing under the tree because I can't even bear to wrap presents this year.  So let me know how to snap out of it and get it together, I could really use the help this year.  I guess 5 Christmases alone is my breaking point?

Funny Abs story--Jr wanted to watch Dora, and Em was less than excited and exited the room.  Abs proclaimed "I may be too old for Dora, but I have a soft spot for Spanish people."  It reminded me of when we were at Epcot this past summer.  We wanted to ride the Test Track cars, and it was faster to go as a single rider, but then you can't ride with your family.  Not a big deal since the girls are older and Grandma was watching Junior.  Abs got placed in a car full of big burly hispanic guys talking in Spanish.  She was so excited, yelled out "Hola" to them, and they were immediately smitten by the pint size gringo speaking to them in Spanish and were so nice to her during the ride, even when she screamed.  If you've heard her scream, then I assure you, the guys should have qualified for some military award!


Carissa said...

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time. You seem pretty amazing, I'm sure you'll pull out of it just in time :)

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

I have a hard time getting into the holidays when my husband is gone as well. But if I were to have kids I would fake it and get into it for them and who knows you might start enjoying it :D

Stephanie Hartman said...

Awe I'm so sorry your in a Christmas funk i hate that. That's totally not fair 5 Christmas's my goodness we thought B was going on the flight this month to deploy but apperently they canceled it so who knows..

Kathleen said...

Hang in there! Holidays are so tough! My dad was in the Navy up until I was in 7th grade and I remember him missing big events or holidays. The best thing my mom ever did was treat our home as if it never changed. Dad may not be there, she may have been hurting, but in the end we never knew and life seemed "normal".

I try my best to make life as "normal" as possible for my military child (whatever normal might mean) even when I don't feel like wrapping the presents - but we mothers, wives, girlfriends, and fiances are what makes the memories our children will tell their fathers who might have missed an event they had their heart set on too.

Seperation makes everyone hurt. Its okay to hurt or miss him too, don't ever feel sorry for being down, but, These situations are what make us strong and in the end selfless. This is just another example of the backbone we are to a military family and to the one who serves. You are important, selfless, and strong. Never forget that!

Now go shop and wrap those presents ;). There are excited, happy faces who will be opening them and a loving father who will want to hear all about it! Merry Christmas!

McMGrad89 said...

Although it's not military related, this is our third Christmas without Gary. I find it hard to do much of anything this year and top of it all the car required an expensive part so during a time when I am used to going shopping and thinking about others, I am stuck in my house feeling sorry for myself.

Let's make a deal to just get over it and have some fun. You can FB me and get my phone number and we can talk about a plan together.


The Life And Times Of and Infantry Wife said...

My husband was deployed last year during Christmas, and silly me didn't think I would be as sad as I ended up being, but I found some solace in volunteering at my church stuffing stockings for the homeless! The environment and what I was doing made all the difference in the world! Although he is home this year, I think that's might be what I end up doing again, but including him this year!