Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fondue Night

We fed them before we pulled out the fondue, but you would have thought that they had never seen chocolate before. 

Em helping out her little brother. 
Once the strawberries were pulled out, Junior forgot about the chocolate.  Don't tell Gunner's trainer that he had a few bites. 

Gunner got a canvas of the kids for Valentine's Day.  I think Abs wants another one made, as she asked for a picture of herself with Em.  They aren't strangling each other so it's a good shot!

We went swimming today for a few hours at the Y.  We were hoping to get them nice and tired.

I think the chocolate might have ruined that, but at least they had fun!

Time for the Amazing Race...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

Ohhhh, this seals it, I need a fondue pot. Those kids are too cute (and Em is looking so grown up!) Happy Valentine's Day!!

Uncle Dan said...

I think we have a fondue pot somewhere but I have no clue on the forks for it. We had fondue dinners a long time ago with the girls, or maybe only when we had one, I don't remember.

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Anonymous said...

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Mrs. Mike said...

You have a lot of people getting help for their college assignments lol

MMMMM fondue I am jealous. Although my mom did make Maks and I an eclair cake which is my faaaavorite! Maks threw an absolutely hysterical fit over his piece being gone so I guess he liked it too!

I am actually nervous about the homecoming day. See... his family is very um, intruding (among other things I wont publicly say). And I dont know if they plan to be there or not... I would like to just tell them "no you cant be there this is an important day for just the three of us" but I am so scared to even suggest that! I dont know what to do. Is it selfish of me to not let them be there?

Lemon Stand said...

I am soooo getting out the fondue pot! The kids are on vacation this week.

Love the pictures!

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