Saturday, October 29, 2011

7 Reasons to Date a Military Man

I am a regular at Fox News (you had an influence on me Dad!), and I saw this article.

Bringing Home the Troops:  7 Reasons to Date a Military Man

What do you think? 

I totally disagree with #6.  Gunner might have been a neat freak at one point in time, but it hasn't been while he is married to me!


Cassie said...

I'm not a fan of this article. As much as I love my military husband I love him for HIM not for the military.
1) Yes I am so proud of him for choosing to fight for our country. But that is not why I married him
2) I am thrilled my husband is in good shape, but let me tell you I have seen some pretty out of shape looking military men.. so I don't really think this one is being fair (to the fit ones, when there are some not so fit ones)
3) Love letters?? Um I hope they aren't expecting long love letters, with training & deployments I don't think I would call them love letters. The military has taken a lot of my husbands "sensitive, romance and emotions" out of him.. So I get the I'm checking in, telling you how i'm doing and that I love you kind of letters...
4) Yes he's independence but the great this is the wives gain independence too..
5) No man takes directions well unless you are his 1sg or superior of some sort.... Simple as that.
6.. Neat?? Uh nope.. I have ACU's in every room of my house, including socks underneath cabinets...
7) Yes sexy in a uniform but that uniform means something, he is a soldier in the US Army. Not trying to look hot to get woman...

I'm proud to be an Army Wife for other reasons, none of which are on this list.

Julie said...

I do like that my husband can take care of himself but I think that is a mix of being in the Army and how his mom raised him. Because I know I hear about other military husbands that can't do anything when they are at home.

CHard said...

#6 said “He can keep his room neat” . . . What if doesn’t have a room. All his rooms have been taken over by wife and kids.

Seriously....Me. said...


I married him because I love him.

Here's my saying...'The Army is my husband's mistress and sometimes that bitch gets all the attention'

McMGrad89 said...

Hmmmm. I have some thoughts on this. If the soldier is the kind of person who only does these things because he is being ordered to, you won't know until they get out of the military that this isn't his real way of life. When they get out and don't have someone making them clean their room/TA50 and go to PT and stay fit, you may be in for a sad surprise 10 years down the road....I'ma just sayin'.

Loveya ABW,