Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Vacation--Random Thoughts

I survived my first year teaching 4th grade.  They are so different from second graders, but they were a lot of fun!

Retirement is okay.  Of course he's retired, and I am working like crazy.  Gunner is back in school for the summer sessions, and he's about 2 years away from being done.  Whew.  Who knows where we will go after that!

I'm still battling Jr's school/school district.  I think that they have lost sight of the big picture, which is to help him, not just disagree with everything I say because I am me.

The smartest thing we ever did was rent a house with a pool.  We spend hours out there every day.  I have mastered naps on the raft.

I am counting down the days to Europe!  I cannot wait to see my friend Abbey who is stationed there now.  Nothing is planned for the trip other than our tickets are bought, and we are going.  I'm hoping to cram in as much as I can with Abs for the entire month.  Any suggestions on what I can't miss?

I completed a triathlon last weekend and I got first place!

I think I need to start a blog on my training for the Death Race 2013.  I need to start training for it now, and am looking for wood to chop and stumps to remove.  I still need to order my axe and my backpack, and walk around with a ton of weight in the back--yes, this is for fun.  Nothing like a challenge to keep me training and on my toes!

Em got her braces off, and now it's time to get the next child in braces.  Now I know how my parents felt having children so spaced out--you pay for the same thing for a longer period of time because the next child needs it, then the next, then the next....

The VA?  It sucks.  Gunner is still working on disability and all that good stuff.  He is about to have a cat scan done on his spleen to make sure it has healed from his motorcycle accident.  Once he gets the all clear, he is going to train with me.  :)  I'll try to go easy on him.

I miss the summer PCS season.

Army Wives--Do you think Claudie Joy will make it?  What about the whole leaving his wife because she worked at the Hump Bar for that SPC?  That line is pretty ridiculous.  Why not focus on more positive things?  I guess it doesn't make for good television though.

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's so awesome that you are doing well! Enjoy Europe!