Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For some reason I can't type titles on DH's laptop.

Today we were supposed to get up early so that we could go have coffee with our Senator. Of course we overslept. We did manage to get everyone up, dressed and pottied in record time and we were out the door. We arrived with just minutes to spare. All the kids were hot, hungry and miserable. Abs of course was the worst and decided that acting like a baby would be appropriate at the time. Very frustrating and I was ready to ring her neck! We spoke to one of the Senator’s employees and found out that there is a huge Baylor connection up here so that was nice to know. Who knows maybe once DH is out of the Army we will move up here and find some important job. I guess I better brush up on my resume since carting children around won’t get me very far unless I want to be a tour bus driver.

We spoke to the Senator briefly and he thanked DH for his service and me too. He is on the Armed Forces Committee so we spoke about what was going on in Iraq. After we finished up there we went and walked around the Supreme Court. Now there is somewhere I could work! If not then Junior might be a future Justice? We managed to get to the National Botanic Garden and look around before it started to storm. We hung out in the garden for a while and then ran through the rain till we made it to the bus stop and the bus finally came. We rode the bus for a while, witched buses and then it really started to storm. We of course were all ready soaked so we just ran through the rain and got to the hotel.

We had a tour of the Kennedy Center lte this afternoon and then tried to stay for the free show at 6 but it was packed and moved too slowly for the kids so they asked to go home. We got home just in time to eat dinner at the BBQ here at the hotel….hey how could we pass up a free meal???

The kids are all in bed but Abs is still awake. We are touring the capital tomorrow morning. Hopefully the kids will be ready to go tomorrow morning. We are also planning on seeing the Wall, the Lincoln Memorial, etc. Lots of walking and my feet are already sore.

Junior cut another tooth so maybe our nights will get a little easier too. He’s been up 2-3 times a night for the last few days. I’m exhausted—I’m sure DH is too since he is up with us at well.

I’m sure the people at the front desk are tired of me so time for me to hit the sack.


Heidi said...

I couldn't get titles on my blog either. The trip sounds fun! I can't imagine all that walking with kids though! Love the updates!

Anonymous said...

I'm only commenting so you know I checked out the site. Maybe I should so something like this but that would take time away from my daydreaming and whining!

Have fun!