Thursday, July 12, 2007

My children sleep now.

Bedtimes have always been a battle in my house as they are never ever ever tired. The first few days we took the circulator around town and they still battled at bedtime. Yesterday we walked about 6 miles and they were so enjoyable to be around and passed out when we put them to bed. Today we walked about 5.5 miles and they went right to bed (well after my children stuffed their beds with pillows and hid in the closet trying to scare me, lol).

Yesterday we saw the Capital and it was amazing. We sat in the Senate Gallery and it was weird to see so many people that you hear about all the time. The kids seemed to enjoy it as well. We walked around the Sculpture Garden and soaked our tired feet in the pool of water there. We saw the Decleration of Independence and the Constitution at the National Archives, visited the WWII Memorial, reflecting pool, Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Wall and the Vietnam Nurses Memorial. Today we saw the Library of Congress, Ford's Theatre, Petersen's House (where Lincoln died), two more parts of the Botanical Garden, the National Museum of the American Indian, the White House, the old post office (where they play the bells), and more. Tomorrow my mom and I are going to try and get up early and get tickets to the Holocaust Museum for us, the Washington Monument for everyone and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (this after my daughters and my nephew sat around making fake money all morning). Hopefully the lines will be short and we will get tickets to all. My SIL gets in town tomorrow on business and we will see her on Saturday, but we also want to see the National Geographic Center and the Textile Museum. Maybe the zoo and the National Cathedral on Sunday?

We have really seen a lot and the kids have given up complaining and walk and walk with us and never stop talking. It's been a lot of fun and we have seen a lot more than I anticipated that we would.

Last night we were walking home to the hotel by way of the grocery store and some guy in a mustang yells out my husband's name and he stops pushing the stroller and turns around. I was getting ready to tell him that the guy wasn't talking to him because how could we know someone here and it turns out it was his little brother. We knew he worked here but didn't think we would see him. He got out and met his two nieces and nephew for the first time and we chatted for a while. We are meeting him and his wife for dinner on Sunday after they come over and she meets the kids. My mom is keeping them for us so we will be able to have a meal without talking about Harry Potter!

We are leaving here on Monday and have so much to cram in before then. We are also going to try and fit in a few things on the way home. The kids have been great and Junior is a dream when it comes to traveling so that makes things easier on us.

I definitely need to hit the gym when I get back because even with all this walking that ice cream and beer at the end of a long day isn't helping me out at all.


Anonymous said...

I hope one of the things you are cramming in before you leave is postcards! After several hundred letters to DH in Iraq over his two tours and hosting you for your vacation before the last one, I earned at least a postcard from DC : )


Michelle said...

Sounds like a very enjoyable trip. I hope the rest of the time there was as good as the first part!