Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

Abs has pink eye.

I did Boot Camp at the gym today and it was hard and I am very uncoordinated.

I did pilates yesterday and I am sore today and was just as uncoordinated at that as well.

Em managed to lose her homework this morning...which hadn't been done. She got it done while I parked in the parking lot.

Junior has not slept well in days....lots of days....I am exhausted.

Got a text message from DH and all is well, he was watching the sand in the desert pulling guard. Looking forward to coming home.

I need to go to the commissary but I dread the thought of going on a payday weekend.

It's a three day weekend and I have absolutely nothing to do. Hopefully the pools will be open or something so that we can get out of the house.

I came home from the gym and the housing guy told me I needed to mow my grass. Guess I will strap Junior to my back and go.

I have had a headache for the last 4 or 5 days.

They are changing the dates of max leave and it isn't block leave yet, but I couldn't wait to buy tickets to Hawaii till the last minute, so they either have to let us go or we are out of luck. Figures.

Abs has gotten in trouble for talking every single day this week. I love her. Yesterday she also got in trouble for playing rock. paper, scissors. At least she hasn't had an "H" day. That stands for "Hullabaloo--causing a great disturbance". I just hope she doesn't have one of those all year!

I miss my friends...and my husband, but that is a given.


Uncle Dan said...

Were here for you young lady, only wish it were closer.

Heidi said...

Oh the joys of kids being back in school with every germ known to man! I hope you got the drops and not the cream. It works like magic but it does burn a bit!

Some things don't change with the Army . . . remember they do put families first though, LOL!

Anonymous said...

You miss your sister, too, I bet.

Butterfly Wife said...

You been busy! I know that sometimes when i get headaches that last a few days like that, it is usually related to 2 things: (1) squinting too much - solved by wearing sunglasses, closing the blinds, etc.; or (2) dehydration - solved by making sure that I am drinking half of my body weight in ounces of water. If I weighed 150 (I wish!) I would need to drink at least 75 ounces of water a day. Sufficient hydration has made a world of difference in how my body feels. Anyway, thought I would share that new line of thought on hydration. I hope your headache is gone. Take care. ~ BW

rose_michelle said...

Hey Sweetie! Hope all is better now. Pink eye is a monster to deal with. I love the classes at the gym, although boot camp and kickboxing kick my butt every time. It's a great way to get out of the house, especially when the hubby is gone. Remember, you've got friends here too!