Monday, August 27, 2007

They Survived

Junior and I had a great day by ourselves just going to the gym, shopping and he took a long nap. I should have gotten one in too!

I picked the girls up and it was mass chaos. Finally found Abs and her teacher told me that she did "pretty well" and that she "had a problem with excessive talking". Maybe she gets that from my oldest sister? Luckily she survived and didn't end up with a trip to the office. She told me that her color was light blue, but I am not sure how many colors are on the spectrum. At her old school she could blow through the colors by 11 am, so I am hoping that she has improved some or that they have more colors.

Em did a great job and had a lot of fun. She's just excited that they have two recesses and that they only had learn each other's names today. I'm sure homework will kick in soon enough and she will be tired of school. I used to love homework. I was a nerd back then.....I only wish I had kept that outlook.

After we got the girls we had to go look for the hard to find black and white Mead composition notebook. We finally managed to track it down after we had a car full of cold things from Walmart, at another location, with 100 degree temperatures. I don't know if the ice cream will ever be the same.

Only 4 more days till my birthday!


Uncle Dan said...

Abs comes by it naturally and it's not her Aunt. You can't fool the rest of the family young lady!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My kiddo has managed to come home with 2 green stars... I'm not so sure that she actually deserved, them, or if the teacher is giving her a break since it's the first week of school. I guess we'll see if her meds and a new teacher help this year.

I'm sure your little one will get the hang of things soon, and realize that school is for learning and home is for talking! Hehe... hopefully she doesn't save it all up and talk your ear off! I know mine does!