Tuesday, September 25, 2007


When I went to school, lunches were 75 cents for elementary students. I remember I would get three shiny quarters from my mom in the morning, put them into my black bookbag and trek of to school. I also remember losing them a lot. I would tell my teacher things like "My mom doesn't want me to eat because my Grandma is coming in town and we are going to have a big dinner" and other off the wall things. One time the teacher asked me if I had enough money and I assured her that my mom didn't want me to eat lunch.

Here on post, our school offers breakfast and the girls like to eat there in the mornings. They also allow you to check your child's account balance online to see if there is enough money in their account to cover their meals. I checked tonight and the girls should have the same amount of close to it. Ab's was considerably less. I pulled up what she had ordered to eat and one morning she ordered off the ala carte menu and had a luxurious breakfast (that was stuff I know she wouldn't eat) and spent $2.85! Yikes! Tomorrow morning we will be talking about what menu she can order off.


Anonymous said...

What did she order?

rose_michelle said...

How funny! Maybe, like any woman, her appetite depends on her mood!

Anam Cara said...
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