Tuesday, November 6, 2007

19th Ammendment

At 2 pm today I walked into my precinct to cast a ballot for the 15 propositions that are under consideration. They piled 4 precincts into one small room to vote, so I was worried that I would have to wait a bit, but it was important that I get in there and voted. I breezed right in and told them my precinct and the 4 workers and 1 judge cheered. I was the first person in my precinct to vote today. Imagine my surprise when I turned my ballot in and found that I was only the 5th person to vote out of all 4 precincts that day! I would like to believe that there will be swarms of people that hit the ballot box later this afternoon/early evening. I also would like to believe that there were tons of people that did early voting. In reality I know that they expected turnout to be low this year, so I don't expect too much. Pathetic.

Why don't people vote? Is it too time consuming? Do they not care? Do they think it matters or doesn't matter? What about their children? I remember my parents always making a point to talk to us about voting, the political process and raised us to make informed decisions. The girls knew that today was election day. I just can't imagine why someone wouldn't exercise one of the rights that was given to them. If they lived in a third world country and didn't have the right to vote, would it become more important to them because it was something they couldn't have?

I know that voting on propositions isn't nearly as exciting as President, but it is still an important time to get out there and cast your vote! Did you know when you vote that your voter registration card is automatically renewed? (Had to make sure on that while I was there so I can be ready for next year's Presidential election!)


Anonymous said...

Did you get an "I voted" sticker?

Gypsy at heart said...

See my ranting on this subject