Tuesday, November 6, 2007


DH had CQ last night. When he was younger he could take a quick nap and be good to go. Now it takes days for him to get back to his old self. I can only imagine what I would do with 24 hours to myself--I know he has to work some, but a lot is downtime. He says they can only read field manuals or read up on current events. I would be happy with a stack of newspapers!

I had an interview today for one of the programs I am looking into. It is probably the one I am going to do if I get accepted, based on cost. The other program runs over the summer and I would have to pay tuition and daycare for three kids. Maybe if I won the lottery. I'm excited about everything that lies ahead!

Hawaii is just two days away and I am no closer to being ready then I was 6 months ago when I booked the hotel. I always tend to overpack, but I am trying to remind myself that if I run into a problem with not having something there is a huge PX and we have a rental car.

I got a pair of chaco's the other day and I am hoping that they eliminate my foot pain. Between my bad feet and DH's bad back we are a sight to see. I don't even want to imagine what we will look like after we really are old!

Off to fold laundry and clean out the DVR so I can tape all my shows while I am gone...


Uncle Dan said...

Old injuries will get to you sooner than later. I have problems with both of my shoulders from Football & Baseball over usage and now can't sleep through the night with out having several periods of tossing & turning.

Anonymous said...

Did you call my Mom today? I sure hope so...she was expecting to hear from you!