Saturday, November 17, 2007

This was the first place we went kayaking. I didn't want to get sand in my shoes. Better yet.....DH didn't want to get his feet wet and was wearing sandals with socks. We were much better the second location, but he did keep the socks on all day. Yuck!

A view of the water that we were skimming over. We saw two turtles!

My hot husband! We bought the thingies for the sunglasses after my 10 day old pair was lost in the water the day before.

A view from our private island. We found a deserted island and had lunch and relaxed till some other people showed up. Damn tourists!
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Anonymous said...

Damn Tourists! LOL - that cracked me up. We always thought that in Alaska too:)

Uncle Dan said...

I wonder what the Hawai'ians think?