Saturday, November 17, 2007

Valley of the Temples. This was built without any nails.

Ringing the bell before we went in.

sunrise before we went snorkeling again.

I'm starting to think that he doesn't take a bad picture...this was at the Polynesian cultural Center at the luau.
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Anonymous said...

I expected to hear a lot more about the Polynesian Cultural Center. Heck, I expected to see photos of the Tongan and Somoan male dancers!

Glad you are enjoying yourself...I had a really good laugh about your fear of the fish when snorkeling. You have to admit that out of the two of you it's really funny that the swimmer/sailor is afraid of the sea creatures and the tanker had no problems with them :)


Uncle Dan said...

Historically the Japanese used wooden pegs or other such connections in their buildings, steel was never used.

Butterfly Wife said...

Valley of the Temples? Can anyone say Magnum PI? I loved that show.

And the rest of the pics are great too. :D Where are the pics of you?