Sunday, December 2, 2007


They always seem to fly by.

We went to my brother's party on Friday and had a great time! The band was great and the kids were well behaved (well minus Abs hanging on everyone). Beer was good too!

We got home Saturday night and today we took the kids to the Mayborn Museum in Waco. They had a Bones exhibit that the kids really loved. They got to put together skeletons of animals, put bones in a human puzzle, look at bone under a microscope and tons more. Even Junior had a great time running around looking and touching everything. After the Bones exhibit and checking out the dinosaur and woolly mammoth sections, we headed over to the two floors of hands on activities. Most of the stuff even Junior could do, so he was all over the place. They put on a weather show, played the giant piano with their feet, played house/store/rescue hero, visited the pioneer section, played with bubbles, watched animals, walked through a giant heart, worked with mirrors/magnets/levers, and tons more. Junior slept on the way out there, on the way back and is fast asleep now. The girls never get tired and managed to talk the entire day as usual. What would I do with total silence anyway?

We met my MIL for dinner and then got home to watch Amazing Race. Seems like they haven't let anyone stay yet that has come in last. Wonder if this means there will be more people in the final episode? Hope they do that when I am on there!


Heidi said...

I so want to do this show! I just need to take risk and sign up! I LOVE it so much and how amazing would that experience be?

Anonymous said...

They won't be letting anyone stay on. A team will leave every week according to the pre-race talk at or whatever it was I read. They wanted to compact the show into fewer episodes.

Cute pics!