Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday already???

Somehow taking 12 days off from parenting has put me behind 6 months.

I'm trying to catch up on everything and with everyone. I'm making lists of lists in order to get everything done, and hopefully I'll be caught up in the next few weeks.

Abs had a great day at school, woohoo! Talked to Em's math teacher and she is doing really well in there. She must be an amazing teacher as Em is loving math for the first time!

I got accepted into graduate school.....again. My sister has two masters degrees, and I couldn't let her be the only one! I'm excited about it although I have a long way to go.

Headed to Houston this weekend for my brother's 40th birthday party. The invitation said there would be a band, bbq, beer and a birthday boy. Sounds good to me!


Butterfly Wife said...

Congrats on the grad school acceptance. What will you be studying?

Uncle Dan said...

Have fun in Houston, wish we could be there. Who's watching the kids? GM?

Great that you were accepted, your Aunt will be so happy that someone else from the family has joined the profession.

Anonymous said...

I got mine first. (teehee)