Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I usually buy the girls shoes online at shoebuy.com. I will go to the store to get their feet sized and then use ebates and deals to get the shoes down to a reasonable cost....until Em's feet grew. My daughter is only 10, but can no longer wear a children's size as she needs a 7.5. I don't think my feet were that big till college!!!!

The girls were nestled into bed...not sleeping....and I started to peruse the website looking for the perfect shoes. Since they were awake I thought I would allow them to choose the color of the shoes. Big mistake. Abs insisted that they have no pink on them at all. Try finding a size 1.5 girl shoe that has no pink and is not entirely white. It can't be too much blue or it is a "boy's shoe". Then she decided she wanted red, white and blue. I had to pull her out of bed so that we could look at several styles till we found one that we both agreed on--purple and white.

Then Em needed to have her input as well, so she came running out of bed for her turn. She was insistent that she wanted gold shoes. Gold???? Is her middle name Michael Johnson? Then there was the added problem that I was not going to pay a hundred dollars for a pair of tennis shoes for a 10 year old. I told her gold shoes were out since they would clash with her school uniform and no shoes over $75 (which is still absolutely ridiculous if you ask me, but I still hear my dad's voice telling me that you don't skimp on shoes!). We finally found something that we both agreed on and was under budget.

Whew...thank goodness for the internet so that we didn't have to go through all of this in the stores and could take care of it at home and set the search parameters! I wonder how long I can keep on doing this!

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Uncle Dan said...

When I was a kid, we got one pair of high-top tennies per school year. One year your GM bought your Dad a pair of white high-tops, no one wore white shoes so he used black shoe dye to change them to black. Of course his feet were still inside the shoes so he ended up staining his feet black.