Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EFMP saga continues

My conversation with the EFMP losers:

Her: We want to schedule your EFMP hearing for the 19th of March.
Me: That's Spring Break. I'll have all three children with me.
Her: That's fine.
Me: Well I really don't think that they need to be involved in the hearing because I have a lot of questions and I think it is kind of ridiculous that I have to go in the first place.
Her: You can't leave them unattended.
Me: Okay, so do you have some suggestions.
Her: Hourly care is available for a fee.
Me: I am not interested in paying for care during a hearing that I don't think is necessary. I'd like to reschedule.
Her: Ummm.....well.....we don't have anymore appointments available right now for hearings.
Me: That's okay, I am in no rush. You can call me back.
Her: The 19th is all I have.
Me: Okay, but that won't work for me.
Her: But it's all we have available.
Me: (in my still nice voice) That's okay, you can call me back when you have a new schedule.
Her: But we have an opening.
Me: Ummm....yeah I heard that. Thanks for offering me that date, but I explained to you why it won't work.
Her: So you are not coming on the 19th.
Me: No.
Her: So I have to call back.
Me: Yes.
Her: Is there a way you can make the 19th work.
Me: Nope. But you are welcome to call me back when you have the new schedule and maybe then we can find a day that will be convenient for me.
Her: It will only take 15 minutes.
Me: That's great! I'll be happy to schedule those 15 minutes with you once you have a date that works for me. Thanks so much for calling.
Her: You are welcome. (still in disbelief)

They will give me 40 hours of respite care a month but won't help me find a way to have someone help me out for 15 minutes?

I think I will start preparing my list of questions for the "hearing".


Anonymous said...

Why is it that you have to have a hearing again? Is this so they can explain some sort of "plan" to you?

Anonymous said...

Nice use of L&L!

ABW said...

This is because they insist that she needs to be enrolled so I can have access to all the things that they offer.

ANON aka Shrimp--wish it worked as easily on the kids some days!

Uncle Dan said...


Kasey said...

Wow. Don't you just *love* dense people? lol

T said...

I just moved to a new base stateside and found out my kids qualify for care. Finding a person to take the job is a whole other issue though! It is not easy!