Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My sock

I would post a picture of it, but it is a sad state of affairs.

Sunday while Erin was holed up in the hospital with her son, I went over for sock knitting lesson #1. I think I need another hundred. I usually knit at home while I watch tv or in the car while we are on a road trip, but now I had 4 needles in front of me. I did okay, not great, and finally had to go home, back to reality. I pulled it out the next day and Junior came along after I set it down and rippedit apart. My fault, but it was a mess.

Luckily you can start all over again with knitting and I remembered how to get the initial part done but I screwed up on the joining. I looked at books, websites and tried to create my own way. I have proven that there is more than one way to join, and my way did not work. I am going to continue on though and at least get done, because a little practice never hurt anyone.

I think I might need to start with socks for Junior instead of me but since the yarn is pink (although it would match the cowboy boots and hat in the previous picture) I will get it done. I love a challenge.....


Uncle Dan said...

This past Monday we had C8 for the day. She is knitting a scarf with several different colors of yarn and doing quite well. She should be finished by this coming weekend. It is done with one needle and a 4" or 5" round frame. She thinks she may tru one of the larger frames to do a cap or a sweater. Back in the day, they used to make bracelets wirh something similar.

Sarah said...

"I have proven that there is more than one way to join, and my way did not work."


Sock knitting is a tad tricky, but once you and Erin can get back together and sit and work on it, I am sure you will master it.

Yay, I love knitting posts :)

TripleE said...

Go with the pink... Junior needs more accessories :)