Monday, January 7, 2008

Gunner's Law

Who else can wash and dry their clothes with a pen in the pocket, have the ENTIRE dryer covered in ink and their clothes come out without a spot?

Oh yeah, and then remind me when I call him in the field to ask him if he made any other messes besides the dishes, the bathroom and the living room. Good thing I love this guy...probably a good thing he was only home 7 hours today or no telling if the house would be standing.


Uncle Dan said...

Better than someone throwing a red sweater into the washer and coloring all of my drawers pink.

rose_michelle said...

That happened to me too! Those ACUs get me every time because there are so many darn pockets ... course two-plus months into a deployment, I'm kinda missing it right now!

TripleE said...

I had that happen too... so many pockets in those ACU's, but the ACO had such a a stain, we thought they were ruined.. but no way did I want to fork out the money for a new pair... but thanks to Martha Stewart's website, I found the perfect method to remove the stain, whew!