Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Year of Me

I am focusing on myself this year. I'm going back to school. I'll lose the weight. I'll get organized (quit snickering guys, this time I mean it!).

I started with making all the appointments that I need to have done, like the dentist (trying a new one since I absolutely love to go to the dentist and still haven't found one that I love here locally). Of course then I had to make the girls appointments.

I know I need to get new glasses, so I made the appointment. Well the girls need to go to, and that means Abs needs a referral, so I had to make an appointment for that too. Which reminded me that she needed to see the urologist, so I made that appointment around her PT appts.

Needing a break from all the appointments I made one more for Junior for a day at the hourly daycare that he loves on post. He needs his shots, which required an appointment for him.

Maybe this will be the year of me....and Em....and Abs....and Junior.....and Gunner. Definitely in 17 years when Junior heads off to college I will focus on me. Just me. I'm in no rush though.


rose_michelle said...

My goal is to complete personal projects ... school, crafts, home imporvements. I have so many people that I am trying to keep up with that I keep putting all of those things off. As for the losing weight, that project started the day he left, so I guess that's a "me" project to finish too!

Uncle Dan said...

Parenting never ends.