Friday, February 15, 2008

Daycare III

The daycare dilemna is over. Finally.

I called the FCC office this morning...again. They told me that someone just came in and was going through her USDA training and lived in my neighborhood, was brand new and had an infant slot and would take Junior. The FCC provider would call me as soon as she got home. I was relieved.

It can't be that easy can it? Nope. She came home and called me to tell me that she got home and there was a voicemail that said someone wanted that spot and so if they didn't follow through she would call me back and let me know. I wouldn't want that spot if she couldn't keep her word. So I called the FCC office again to tell them the girl flaked and I needed more choices. They gave me a few more, I left a few messages and heard nothing all day.

I called back to central registration and they told me about the CD homes. So I called one and she said I had to get a referral from the waiting list lady. So I called the WL lady for about the 20th time this week. Left a message. She never calls back as usual. So I called back and explained the situation. She agreed that it was absolutely ridiculous so she found Junior a spot at the center. So he starts on Wednesday and I feel relieved.

We still have paperwork to do on Tuesday as well as the orientation.

I won't post on my daycare woes anymore, I promise. I'm sure I'll have new issues next week, lol.

And darn spellcheck still isn't working so no idea how many mistakes are in here.


Uncle Dan said...

You'll look back on this event and many others in your life and laugh some day.

Uncle Dan said...

Spellcheck, I thought all teachers could spell correctly.

Anonymous said...

Use Firefox. It underlines words spelled wrong in red!

Uncle Dan said...

Good choice abwf, we do also and it's free.