Saturday, February 16, 2008


I am tired but couldn't sleep in this morning. This past Wednesday I had a post test for the class I am taking and we get the results back today. I had to improve in order to earn 15 points of my grade. I did pretty well the first time, and then they stuffed my head with all of this information and I am just hoping I didn't screw up. The real test is on the 23rd of February so I will spend all next week continuing to study.

Maybe I will go knit till I have to leave or until Junior wakes up.

We didn't get a phone call from the Girl Scout leader so I am assuming that Abs did okay last night. She was SO excited and tried to carry her things to the tent but all the big kids came over and carried them so she tried to help her sister. Em forgot the bags to put over her boot so I hope it doesn't get filthy before Gunner gets out there today.

The daycare provider that flaked on my yesterday morning left me a message last night that she wanted to take Junior for me. You've got to be kidding me. I'm leaving him in the center.

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Uncle Dan said...

It seems to be one thing after another, doesn't it kiddo?