Friday, March 14, 2008

D Day +1

Day 1--Abs accidentally overflowed the toilet. Not her fault, it's just old. Of course I thought she left the water on after washing her hands and sat there and listened to the gushing while contemplating what it was. Then it hit me. I ran back there to over an inch of water in the bathroom and hallway, and traveling fast. I yelled for Abs and as I am holding up the "thingy" inside and trying to plunge, she is getting all the towels and trying to stop the flow.

She saved the rest of the house, but we have used every towel we own. No big deal, I can wash.

The dryer isn't working very well, so it is taking hours to dry.

Damp, cold towels aren't so bad...sort of.

Wonder what Day 2 holds in store.


Anonymous said...

If you figure out what's wrong with your dryer, let me know - I have the same problem!

Gypsy at heart said...

Iused to replace the heating element when that happened. Of couse, it happened when DH was gone. I got a book on my brand of dryer, propped it open near the offending appliance, and followed directions. I fixed a lot of things, but called the repairman for the washer.
Just let the man-of-the-house leave, and everything breaks.

Uncle Dan said...

We replaced all of the "old" ball float valves in our toilets last month with new-fangled ones that operate smoothly but are a little costly. Maybe you should ask your cousin, (our D#2), to come by and help as they are restoring a 1920's Victorian home in Pittsburgh now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mom. G said he'll work on the heating element tomorrow.