Wednesday, April 9, 2008

5 stars

An email from Gunner today:


here are my 5 star accommodations. wish you were here. I love and miss you


I love how even though it isn't much they will make it home. He sent a picture of the whole room (which of course was a mess), and they had put up blankets, to have a little privacy and put them in the dark when they were ready to sleep. I'm sure over the next 15 months they'll make it a place to call...home doesn't sound good, although I guess for 15 months it has to be something more than just a place to sleep.

I heard about the possibility of the tours getting shortend, but like Erin and I discussed, we would believe it when we saw it. We both agreed, that knowing the army, it would be the new people that came in. At least we can say we were right! Tonight is trash night though, which puts us at 5 down and 60 left. Hey, it's progress!


Anonymous said...

I think I have something to send Gunner to make it a little more "homey". Remember the special window decoration/room divider that the special roomie had in the living room? She left it here when she moved out and I saved it for Gunner. It'll make a great care package!

trying said...

I really hope that his tour gets shortened but I think you have the right attitude about it. His room looks very.... lived in... : ) kudos on his decorating skills!

Gypsy at heart said...

Let's see....He was probably weighing his options...
"Shall I clean...or should I take photos and write?"
Glad you won out!

Gunner said...

It is still a work in progress. Spent most of today cleaning. The people who lived here before, where a bunch of pigs.

Gypsy at heart said...

Well, "Quarters" is a time-honored word. I wonder if that is because the room is divided into quarters.